Chill-Its® 6685 Dry Evaporative  Cooling Vest
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Provides immediate and long lasting cooling
    Up to 3 days of cooling ability
    Easy to use watertight filling cap
    FIll vest with 13-20 OZ (400-600 ML) water to activate
    Lightweight, durable and washable
    V-neck with zip closure
    Mesh side panels provide additional ventilation and stretch
    Do not clean the inside reservoir. Cooling material is treated with
    an anti-microbial that inhibits mold growth. Keep cap closed at all
    times to maintain vest’s effectiveness.
    Shell fabric 50% Polyester 50% PU

  • Item #: Chill-Its® 6685 Dry Evap Vest

Chill-Its® 6685 Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest

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